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B12 series

Signal isolators/ converters/splitters, trip amplifiers - AC and DC powered

Compact series

Signal isolators/converters, trip amplifiers, telecom line transmitters/receivers

C16 Series

Frequency to Analogue Converter, Signal Splitter, Power Supply

D16 series

Universal input transmitters

Universal input trip amplifier

107 series

Signal isolators/converters, trip amplifiers, frequency to analogue, analogue to frequency, summator/subtractor, multiplier, power supplies, rate limiters,

112 series

trip amplifiers, integrator, summator/averager, ramp generator, high/low selectors, comparator, frequency scaler, digital to digital, lineariser, digital to analogue

114 Resistance transmitter

116 Series

battery back-up power supplies, bcd to analogue converter

140 two-wire isolator (see Compact)

Digital displays - loop powered (2-wire)

for panel mounting and in the and field (IP65)

Digital displays - LED

non-volatile counter, 3½, 4, 4½, 5 digit indicators

Test equipment

Current-loop & voltage calibrator, Transmitter simulator

Tracker 300 data aquisition units

Tracker universal input panel meters

Tracker 211, 212 and 220

Tracker special purpose panel meters

Tracker 240, 250, 260 and 280

AC Current transducers

For measuring AC current and voltage sinusoidal wave forms

Optional extras & spares