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Signal conditioners - frequency/pulse

For isolating, converting, splitting, scaling and summing process signals from frequency / pulse sensors

This range of frequency or pulse type input conditioners / converters can be configured for many types of pulse type inputs including volt-free contacts, current pulse, open collector, sine, square or triangular waveforms, from e.g. proximity switches, flowmeters, water and energy metering, etc.

Frequency to analogue converters

B12-10C Frequency to Analogue converter

Converts outputs from pulse generating transducers into 4-20mA and other analogue signals. Wide frequency range from less than 0-1Hz up to 0-5Khz. Optional PC software enables range changing, e.g. to suit a turbine meter replacement, and optimisation of digital filtering to suit site conditions. Wall or DIN rail mounting.
Typical applications include converting water meter pulse outputs into a 4-20mA analogue signal.
NB The B12-10C replaces the discontinued 107-10B unit

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C16-10 Frequency to Analogue converter

Providing a current or voltage output proportional to the frequency of alternating voltage or pulsed input signal, the C16-10 has many uses in applications including water and energy metering and rotational measurements.

  • Frequency ranges from 0 - 0.1Hz up to 0 - 5kHz
  • Transducer power supplies
  • User selectable inputs
  • User configurable outputs
  • Optional programmable filtering and ranging
  • Universal AC/DC powered (85-260 VAC, 24-200 VDC)
  • Removable terminals

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Frequency to analogue Converter

Pulse isolators / conditioners / splitters

C16-51 Pulse isolator (multi-function)

The pulse isolator may be user configured to provide either:-

  • - three separate pulse isolator channels
  • - triple output pulse splitter
  • - dual output splitter + single channel isolator

Typical applications: water and energy metering, building management systems, etc. where a measurement is required by multiple monitoring systems.
Outputs may be either open-collector (npn) or relays or a mix of the two types.

  • - Inputs: Voltage open-collector transistor or volt-free contact.
  • - Universal AC/DC powered (85-260 VAC, 24-200 VDC)
  • - Removable terminals
Pulse isolator image

112-51 Pulse isolator / conditioner

Conditions a variety of types of pulse input signals and provides a clean, optically isolated and shaped pulse or relay contact output. A pulse splitter version with two relay outputs is also available.Wall or DIN rail mounting.
Typical applications: pulse shaping / stretching, cleaning up noisy signals or contact bounce on mechanical switches, signal level changing.

Pulse isolator image

Frequency dividers

112-25 Digital divider

Divides the frequency of the input signal by an adjustable integer. Two versions are available: two decades (0-99), adjustable via internal switches and four-decades(0-9999), selectable via internal switches and a further ÷10 or ÷100 adjustable by a jumper link. Wall or DIN rail mounting.

Digital divider image

Frequency scalers

112-26 Frequency scaler

Scales the frequency of the input signal by an adjustable non-integer number. The scaling factor is set by internal switches, four decades of division (0-9999) and four decades of rate multiplication (0-0.9999). Wall or DIN rail mounting.Two further divisions of 10 and 100 are selected via jumper links.
Typical applications: flowmeter scaling to provide one pulse per unit volume.

Frequency scaler image

Pulse summators

112-60 Pulse summator

Sums up to five digital (pulse) signals. An optional version of the unit operates as an adder / subtractor. In this mode two outputs are provided for use with an external add / subtract counter. Wall or DIN rail mounting.
Typical application: summation of integrator pulses from several flow meters.

Pulse summator